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About the Farm

Established in 1947, Bow Hill Blueberries is the site of the original Anderson Blueberry Farm and is known as the oldest family-run blueberry farm in the Skagit Valley. With over 4500 high bush blueberries, we have a combination of Blue Crop, Jersey, Rubel and Stanley.

Our passion is for the farming lifestyle, the beauty of the Skagit Valley and the quality and taste of our blueberries. As the second family to own the farm, our goal is to create a vibrant, community oriented You-Pick and We-Pick Farm that provides a safe, fun place for families to enjoy picking and eating blueberries right off the bush.  For this reason, we are transitioning our fields to Certified Organic. What this means is that we only spread Organic composts and have stopped the use of any conventional herbicide and pesticide sprays. We are two years into the transition and will be complete in 2014.

Our harvest is Mid-July though September. We will be open every day  10am-7pm depending on weather. Our store will have snacks and a few other interesting items. There is fantastic hiking, biking, birding and a great food and art scene in the area. (Check out our Nearby Page.)

As for us personally, Harley is a former Seattle Times photojournalist that continues to specialize in farm photography. His books are available online and in the store. Susan is a freelance commercial director that works wherever the job takes her. Their daughter Amelia, who designed the logo is a graphic designer at the Sid Lee agency in Montreal and their son Wylie, whose hands are featured in the berry painting, is going into the 8th grade at Edison Elementary.

For 22 years we lived in Kingston, Wa commuting and farming part-time. When Harley took a buy-out from the Times we decided we could be further from the city so bought a perfect piece of bird watching land on the other side of Edison and had been planning to build a small but tall home in the flood plain to sit back and enjoy the view.  As things would have it and still with plenty of energy to burn, in June of 2011 we stumbled into the blueberry opportunity and one thing led to another. As we say, we  jumped in with both feet, hands, arms, legs, heads and hearts to revive the historic farm that had been so important to the community for 65 years.

We hear stories all the time about Dorothy and Gus Anderson and how all the kids, who are now the parents of our son’s classmates, used to pick at the farm. We’re happy to take on the challenge of the Bow blueberry legacy and are enjoying the farm immensely.

Thanks for checking in to read our story.
Harley, Susan, Amelia & Wylie