Come get em fresh on the farm or call about delivery options.
Pre-order your Berries @ $5 per pint / $36 per flat

$5 per pint

$36 per flat

A dark chocolate peanut butter cup with a layer of our blueberry jam. $3.75

Price: $3.75

Frozen Blueberries
Small and large boxes of frozen blueberries. Come to get them at the farm while they last.
Pre-order your Frozen Berries @ $22 small / $36 large



Grazing Pass
Have you ever cruised the farmland and wanted to stop and just stuff your face with fresh blueberries? Grazing Passes let you do just that! Day and Season Passes available

$7 Day Pass -

$35 Season Pass -

You-Pick Gift Certificates
Available in $5, $10 & $25.

$5 Certificate -

$10 Certificate -

$25 Certificate -

Berry Camp Sales & Donations


$5 per pint

$36 per flat

Rent your own bush for the 2013 Season $35SOLD OUT
12 pounds of you-pick berries guaranteed.

Chefs on the Farm
Signed Copy

Recipes and Inspiration from the Quillisascut Farm School of the Domestic Arts
Photographed by Harley Soltes

Price: $24.95

Urban Farm Handbook
Signed Copy
City-Slicker Resources for Growing, Raising, Sourcing, Trading, & Preparing What You Eat
Photographed by Harley Soltes

Price: $24.95