Wed-Sun You-Pick Heirlooms

You-Pick season is here and the squirrels are storing up for winter. As farmer Harley hands you your bucket he’ll explain our different varieties of blueberries.  To start it needs to be said all blueberries are great for freezing and cooking, but here’s the down low on our four varieties. We have lots of Bluecrop which are the big fatties that people like for cereal and freezing to eat right out of the bag. Our heirloom varieties start with the Rubel which is the first wild blueberry to be grown commercially,  these berries ripen in the mid-to-late season. Rubels are prized for their sweet, robust flavor and their high antioxidant content.  Our Stanleys is an heirloom developed from the Rubel in the early 1920s. Many—including Farmer Harley himself—consider Stanleys sweet full flavor to be the most delicious blueberry variety. Our fourth variety is the Jersey was also developed from the Rubel. People have long enjoyed picking under the protective canopy of the large Jersey branches. That section of the farm has been dubbed “the jungle.” The berries themselves are a beautiful dark blue color, medium sized and very sweet. If you would like a tour of the heirlooms just ask. We’ll be happy to lead you to them even if you don’t want to you-pick. Our Grazing Pass (think backstage pass) at $7 gives you access to an all-you-can-eat experience of every variety and beautiful day on the farm. The size difference between the newer Bluecrop and the Heirloom Rubel can be seen in the photo of our son in the slideshow covering his eyes with one of each.