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When is your harvest?  Mid-July through Mid-October. The store is open every day 10-6 during the harvest. Check the home page under news for You-Pick times. Sign up for the mailing list to receive updates on events and the 2015  harvest dates. In the off-season the store is open weekends or easily by appointment. Just call or text 206-719-7926. You can also find us at the Bellingham Farmers Market.

How much do the berries cost? The price for the 2015 season is $2.75 per pound for you-pick. We-pick depends on the quantity. There is a $5 field access Grazing Pass that allows you to eat all you want and is refunded if you pick over ten pounds.

What do I need to bring?  We supply buckets for picking and freezer bags for you to take your berries home in.

Do you have pre-picked berries available? Yes, that’s what we call “we-pick”.  Email or call ahead to reserve. 360-399-1006. 5 lb Half flats are $28. 10 lb Full Flats are $40.

What forms of payment do you accept ? Cash, Visa, Mastercard & checks.

What does Certified Organic mean?  We follow strict organic guidelines and use no conventional herbicides or pesticides. We use Wiserganic Certified Organic fertilizer which is made from PCC food waste. Our Certified Organic compost is supplied by Ceder Grove and is made from urban yard waste. It took three years to transition the conventional fields to Certified Organic. We keep fastidious records and are inspected yearly by the Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Program.

Do you have snacks? We have ICE CREAM! Lopez Island Creamery make our ice cream with Bow Hill’s Jersey Blueberries with a recipe we developed with them.

What else do you sell in your store? Farming books shot by our photojournalist/farmer, Harley Soltes, T-shirts, Frozen, Jam, Dried and Pickled Blueberries, plus Recipe Greeting Cards, Smoothie cups, Tea Towels and Coffee Mugs. 

How do I freeze blueberries? Just put them in the freezer without washing them in a sealed plastic bag.  That’s it. Wash them before eating. Frozen are perfect for smoothies, pancakes and baking. If you thaw them they will retain their shape but become a little bit soft. We love eating them frozen out of the bag.  

How do you pick blueberries? Our you-pick berries are the big plump variety called Blue Crop.  They are very easy to pick. It’s sort of like tickling the underside of your dog. The ripe berries just fall into your hands while. unripe will stick to the bush. Please pick the bush clean!

Will blueberries ripen after being picked?
No, unlike peaches or bananas, blueberries do not ripen after being picked. If they are picked red or green they will not turn blue or become sweeter.

Can I bring my dog? For the health and safety of everyone, not into the field. There are plenty of great walks nearby.  If you have one that patiently waits in the car we’ll point you in the right direction.

How many varieties of blueberry are at the farm?
We have four varieties of blueberries: Blue crop, Jersey, Stanley and Rubel. The berries are very different between varieties in size, shape, and taste. The plants of each variety also have a distinct growth pattern and ripening cycle. 

Do you have plants for sale?
Generally no, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me at or call 360-399-1006.