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Photos by Harley Soltes © 2012

Certified Organic
You-Pick & We-Pick Blueberries in the beautiful Skagit Valley.
Our berries are safe right off the bush. We use no conventional herbicides or pesticides.

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2014 has been a big year for Bow Hill Blueberries. With the help of all the people in this picture we attained full Certified Organic status, became GAP Certified, brought 60,000 pounds in from the field and became the recipients of a USDA Value-Add grant that will help us make our products throughout the year. [...]


Grazing Pass

Grazing Passes give you access to the you-pick fields and allow you to eat guilt-free at our heirloom blueberry buffet.  The pass is $5. Families up to 5  people are $15. If you pick 10lbs or over you get a $5 refund. The pass is required. You can always buy fresh blueberries from the store [...]

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Farm Crafted Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are now available in the store and at the Bellingham Market. The boxes are sturdy enough for shipping. Mix and match products to your liking. Frozen Blueberry or You-Pick gift certificates make a nice companion. All of the products are made on the farm by Susan, Harley and our interns Kelsey, Hank, Tom [...]

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Frozen Blueberries

We carry 10 oz and 3lb re-closable bags and 5 and 10lb re-closable freezer boxes. These blueberries are hand-picked and packed in the field for optimal freshness. Set up a group buy with your friends and we will deliver free within a 70 miles radius.  If you make a 250 pound order we offer 10% [...]

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Our Products

Visit the farm or the Bellingham Farmers Market for our  wonderful blueberry jam, dried and pickled blueberries.. The jam is low sugar and tastes like blueberries – not sugar spread! We’ve also added a spice mix to just deepen the flavor and make it interesting. The pickle is a big hit. It’s something like a [...]

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The Bow-Edison Food Trail

Take exit 236 to drop into the mouth of the Bow-Edison culinary adventure where you will taste, breath and experience the freshest locally grown food and drink that Lewis & Clark could never have imagined. Hunt and gather the ingredients to create your own great meals from the Skagit Valley or stop at one of [...]


Northsound Food Hub at Bow Hill

Watch Hub Video Graham Kerr, best know as the Galloping Gourmet, now a child and food advocate, explains how family-run farms can gain resiliency by acting as modern day pioneers. Please join him in supporting the Hub at Bow Hill.

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Berry Camp A Success

The Dorothy Anderson Memorial Berry Camp at Bow Hill Blueberries was a free five day summer camp to benefit to support a Local Food in the School project. At the camp, 5th-8th grade students came together to pick and sell blueberries, learn local history, create art, cook, play games and have a great time learning [...]

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School starts next week, but the sweetness of summer isn’t over yet. There is nothing better than blueberries straight off the bush. We walked the aisles of the bluecrop and there’s still much to be had. The Jersey Jungle is being machine picked tomorrow, but we’re saving 5 big fat droopy aisles for hand-picking pleasure [...]


Wed-Sun You-Pick Heirlooms

You-Pick season is here and the squirrels are storing up for winter. As farmer Harley hands you your bucket he’ll explain our different varieties of blueberries.  To start it needs to be said all blueberries are great for freezing and cooking, but here’s the down low on our four varieties. We have lots of Bluecrop [...]